Become an

Inevitable Millionaire

A year-long mentorship teaching you how to develop the habits, mindset, and belief systems of the 1%, so you have the tools required to build your own 1% life.

Become an

Inevitable Millionaire

Focused, high-level mentorship to help you build a 1% lifestyle of wealth, health, and happiness.

Everyone wants to be happy, wealthy, healthy, and free.

But very few achieve all of the above.

That’s why it’s called the 1%.

The problem is…

The 1% in the world...

The wealthiest, happiest, most successful people in all arenas live by a different standard.

There are a set of habits, mindsets, and beliefs that make the 1% the 1%.

And most people don't have access to the mentorship they need to build that kind of life.

So they settle for working more, trying harder, and hoping for the best.

Making incremental progress, but never really becoming the person they know they were made to be.

Which is why I created The Inevitable Millionaire Year-Long Mentorship, and made it accessible to everyone, regardless of stage in life, business, or career!

Growing up...

I lived just above the poverty line.

We were broke and stressed about money all the time.

From a young age, I decided I wasn't going to live that way when I grew up.

I was going to build wealth that gave me and my family real freedom and peace.

So, that's what I did.

But the learning curve was steep.

There was a lot I didn't know.

I had limiting beliefs buried deep inside.

There were internal things holding me back.

However, my determination, work ethic, and vision kept pushing me forward. I read constantly.

I listened to my mentors in corporate. I studied how the wealthy thought and they habits they lived by.

It was a rough road, but over the last 20 years, I've been able to:

  • Built an 8-figure company, (most of which while working in corporate), while raising a family with no investors and no debt.

  • Climb the corporate ladder in Fortune 500, earning 7 promotions in 8 years and leading teams through recessions with 0 layoffs, while breaking every record the company had

  • Win the Inc. 5000 award for fastest growing companies in the US

  • Be featured in Forbes, Inc, Business Insider, and on major news outlets and top ranked podcasts

  • Retire my husband, buy my dream home, and be there for all of my daughter's important events... all before I turned 40.

And inside the Inevitable Millionaire, I am breaking down everything I learned along the way, so YOU can accelerate your success, and leverage the habits, beliefs, and mindset of the 1%, without years of struggle trying to figure it out.

If you're looking for mentorship from someone who has built a 1% life, without sacrificing her health, family, or peace...

The Inevitable Millionaire is for YOU!

After a decade of building a multi-million dollar empire

and teaching thousands of entrepreneurs how to do the same…I am pulling the curtain back and revealing the SECRETS behind EVERY millionaire and billionaire on the PLANET…making 1% life hacks (that weren’t accessible to me on my growth journey) accessible to 99% of the population.

The Inevitable Millionaire is a year long mentorship with a multimillionaire who is pulling back the curtain on how to build REAL success.

This mentorship is designed to help you build a LEGACY of wealth, so you can make the IMPACT you were called to make in the world.

I believe wholeheartedly that you can have it all. You can build wealth while:

-Maintaining your health and wellness and living a vibrant life.

-Strengthening your marriage

-Being there for your kids

-Building meaningful relationships

-Staying fresh, innovative, and mentally sharp

You simply need to understand how to fully align who you are, with where you are going, and commit to daily becoming the person your dreams require, inside and out. You need to learn the secrets to 1% living, from someone who's built the life you want to build.

That's why I created The Inevitable Millionaire, and why I want you to be part of this incredible mentorship experience.

The Inevitable Millionaire is PERFECT for you if:

  • You are ready to take control of your future and build generational wealth.

  • You are willing to do the internal work to adjust your beliefs and mindset, so you can live more fully in abundance.

  • You are open to receiving mentorship, and are ready to implement.

  • You want to develop the mental toughness and winning mindset of the 1%.

  • You are committed to never ending personal improvement and want to surround yourself with others who are like-minded in their pursuit of excellence.

the INVESTMENT for 1 year of mentorship from someone who's built the life you are building, isn't hundreds of thousands of dollars...

it's only $3750 for the year

or 3 payments of $1275

Payment Plan


  • Weekly Mentorship Calls

  • Monthly Focuses and Workbooks

  • Membership Site with Recordings from All Past Live Trainings

  • Access to Exclusive FB Group

  • Virtual Networking Event

3 payments of $1275

Price Increases to $1650 Thursday at 5:00pm EST!

Pay in Full


  • Weekly Mentorship Calls

  • Monthly Focuses and Workbooks

  • Membership Site with Recordings from All Past Live Trainings

  • Access to Exclusive FB Group

  • Virtual Networking Event

  • Elevate Your Inner Circlr In-Person Event

  • Unstoppable Planner

  • One free month in the program

    (13 months total)


Price Increases to $5000 Thursday at 5:00pm EST!

Rachel Erickson

Shonta Prince

Heather Chapman

Lorraine Schuchart

There’s a reason these cliches exist.

You can’t possibly get where you WANT to go – if you don’t:

Change your mindset and beliefs about who you are and what you are

capable of.

Build the daily habits and winning mindset of the world's most successful people.

Create a strategic plan to help you build the 1% life you were meant for.

Imagine this:

  • Every week, you get mentorship from ME, and the occasional expert, about building your dream life. You have a real mentor helping you create your version of a 1% life.

  • “Can I really afford that?” is no longer a question. You are financially healthy, with multiple streams of income, and in a position to more than provide for your needs and wants.

  • That passion project you’ve been putting off for YEARS is now front and center. You’re making daily progress towards the goals you've put on the back burner.

  • You’ve met some incredible people and feel fully understood. You are surrounded by people chasing excellence.

  • You finally have freedom of DECISION. You do what you want, when you want, how you want, based on your goals and dreams.

  • Your relationship is thriving. You’re spending less time at the office and more time experiencing life with your significant other.

  • You’re finally prioritizing your well-being. The exercise regimen, morning meditation and 8 hours of sleep that used to take a backseat when life got busy is now non-negotiable. You’re feeling healthier and more energized than ever before – and your routine is fueling you both physically and mentally.

Anne-Michelle Wand

Erin Marcus


The Inevitable Millionaire came at the best time because it was (and still is) exactly what I needed. Prior to joining, I struggled a lot with setting goals for myself. I created goals based on what I thought I was supposed to have and what others would perceive as “good goals”. As a result, every success I created felt somewhat random and unfulfilling. Since joining, I can say that I have absolute clarity on what my top 5 goals are and how I can achieve them knowing that this is something that is truly for me. Not only that, Kelly leads a community that is filled with love, care and support for everyone. We are all there for each other. Being part of this community enlightens the soul.

- Benita Königbauer


“Since joining IM, I have consistently hit high 5-figure months for the first time ever -- all while taking care of myself and enjoying my personal life."

- Irene Ruiz


“IM showed me how to stop focusing only on making more sales, and switch the focus to serving my current clients in new ways. Not only did this change double my income, I now make more impact in the results my clients’ achieved.”

- Rachel Erickson


"Since joining the Inevitable Millionaire, I've been able to hire a VA, take tangible actions towards achieving my fitness goals (like hiring a personal trainer), paid off a personal loan and hit my assets goal while be able to spend quality time with my girls. This by far one of the best programs and communities I've joined!!"

-Sabrina D.

Ready to join The Inevitable Millionaire and get the mentorship you need to make your dreams come true?

Your investment is either:

Payment Plan


  • Weekly Mentorship Calls

  • Monthly Focuses and Workbooks

  • Membership Site with Recordings from All Past Live Trainings

  • Access to Exclusive FB Group

  • Virtual Networking Event

3 Payments of $1275

Price Increases to $1650

Thursday at 5:00pm EST!

Pay in Full


  • $414 Discount

  • Weekly Mentorship Calls

  • Monthly Focuses and Workbooks

  • Membership Site with Recordings from All Past Live Trainings

  • Access to Exclusive FB Group

  • Virtual Networking Event

  • Elevate Your Inner Circlr In-Person Event

  • Merch/Planner Bundle (First 5)


Price Increases to $5000 Thursday at 5:00pm EST!


Kelly Roach Coaching’s Inevitable Millionaire program has exceeded expectations for interactive mentorship, accountability, and education. Each week Kelly centers our group with gratitude and affirmations of WHY we are spending our time growing a business. She and her team have mastered the art of conversation. The dialog is not one-sided and certainly is not 100% based in Kelly. Growth discussions are founded in the challenges and successes we, the participants, share. Kelly is even open to the random request for a specific training.

The Inevitable Millionaire program is NOT one dimensional. Drilling down on financial details, organizational structure, goals, employees, health, wellness, and accountability Kelly comes prepared to interact and provide value on all levels of business leadership. To say you did not get anything from a sessions is equivalent to blaming the outfielder for you not swinging at a home run fast ball.

Beyond the weekly zoom calls, participants are well stocked with reading and listening materials. There is no lack of opportunity for active participation with the weekly workbook and group Facebook site. If you are looking to bolster your business leadership skills, this group is for you. If you are looking for a celebration of your success, this group is for you. If you are seeking solutions, this group is for you.

Thank you Kelly and team. There is a reason you we able to Celebrate a new level of success in 2022.

- Samm Gammn

This is your future.

But it doesn’t happen by luck, chance, or destiny.

It happens when you tap into the inner workings of a 1% mindset.

When you develop the habits of a 1% earner.

When you replace limiting beliefs with 1% actions.

Because here’s the deal:

most people’s belief systems are the reason why they aren’t where they want to's NOT their strategy.

…And if you don’t know how to eliminate and replace them, you’ll never get to experience THE PEAK of human existence:

  • A life where you can afford to explore the world

  • A life where you can relocate your family to your dream city without worrying about money

  • A life where you can wake up every day and decide how you want to spend your time and energy – you own your schedule

  • A life where every relationship you have – with friends, family, colleagues, or spouse – inspires, uplifts, and energizes you

  • A life that is long and prosperous because you are taking care of yourself along the way


"My journey as a member of Kelly Roach's program, the Inevitable Millionaire, has been a game changer for me. It has offered me a safe haven to receive unbiased support, coaching and community that I have never experienced in any other container, and I have been in quite a few. I highly recommend IM if you are ready to step into your power and create a 1% life for yourself.

- Maria Fontana


The Inevitable Millionaire is all about showing you HOW.


After being a business owner in my first year, I had some struggles with money mindset and having a fear of making money. When I heard about Kelly Roach’s Inevitable Millionaire mentorship, I knew I had to join because she was someone who embodied a positive money mindset. Since joining, I’ve been able to have a complete mindset shift and instead of focusing solely on making more sales, I switched to continue to serve my current clients in new ways. Not only did this allow me to increase my revenue, I also made more impact in the results my clients’ achieved. I went from having $10,000 months to $25,000 months ultimately doubling my income. Besides the results I’ve been able to achieve, one of my favorite aspects is the community. This community is filled with amazing people who provide support and understand that my goals are not “too big” and we collectively want to achieve bigger things.

- Rachel Erickson


What most people think will lead to a wealthy, fulfilling and abundant life:

What actually gets them there:

About this mentorship


Joining the Inevitable Millionaire has made such a positive impact in my life. It’s allowed me to give myself the permission to make decisions that will best serve my family and I. This community is filled with caring, thoughtful and loving people and I am so grateful to be part of it!

- Sharon Heno

Inside The Inevitable Millionaire, we teach exactly what we live. Every single day.

In just one hour a week, you will open up the doors to living life on YOUR terms: achieving optimal wealth, health, happiness and fulfillment along the way.


Inevitable Millionaire with Kelly has been such a pleasant surprise in so many ways. There are a lot of programs out there that speak to some of the same topics, but IM is different! Starting with the fact that pretty much every week we get an hour with Kelly herself, where she shares many of her own personal growth insights and what she (and other 1%’rs) do to maintain their focus, energy, and overall ways of being. It’s more than a glimpse behind the curtain of what it takes to move into the 1%. IM is a place where we get together to do the planning, do the work, and celebrate the results. It’s a community of like-minded, no excuses people who believe in continually leveling up. For me, it’s my touchstone each week to come back to center and reset my focus and direction. And then there’s the team behind Kelly making sure we are all taken care of. Joining IM is a no brainer win-win-win when your goals are big and the need for determination is bigger.

- Angela Williams Stillwell

Pay in full or do 3-pay, and get access to our in-person event in November 2023

Elevate Your Inner Circle (LIMITED spots available!)

  • Networking

  • Strategy

  • Collaboration

  • Education

This event is designed to help you elevate your wealth consciousness, and your mindset, as you dial in your growth strategy and tap into multiple streams of income.


Working with Kelly and her team is one of the best decisions I have ever made! Their dedication, competency, and attention to detail are incredible. In the last year and a half I have been able to open and scale one business, while launching a second, knowing I have a full team of support behind me! It is business done the right way, based on hard work, ethics, and team! So thankful!

- Shari Phillips

Meet your mentor:


10 years ago, I started my business on the side of a highly demanding corporate job… with a huge dream and no clue how I was going to make it happen.

I didn’t have the connections. I didn’t have the “secret.” I didn’t have an inside track to get me there.

What I did know, was that I wanted to make a difference in the world. To do work that impacted people’s lives, families, and future generations.

Today, that side hustle has turned into a multiple 8-figure company (with a team of 30+) that is responsible for over 70 clients ACROSS THE GLOBE surpassing $1 million in revenue – and 3 surpassing 8-figures.

I host the #1 ranked podcast, The Kelly Roach Show, have authored 4 best-selling books, and our company was recognized as one of the fastest growing in the U.S. on the Inc. 5000 list.

Why am I telling you this?

Because it's entirely possible for YOU with the right mentorship and support.

I didn't come from money – I was on the free lunch program growing up and money arguments happened DAILY in my household (my dad worked for a nonprofit, and my mom was a stay at home mom to 5 kids).

I didn't go to a big name college and get a fancy MBA – I graduated with my communications degree from West Chester University.

I was the youngest NFL cheerleader on my team in college, and I held multiple jobs since I was old enough to work – starting with cleaning my dance studio to pay for lessons there. Yes, we couldn’t afford lessons at one of the top competitive dance schools, so I made a deal with the owner.

I wasn't handed what I wanted in life – I went out and worked HARD for it.

I started my first job at a Fortune 500 firm making $30K a year. But, I was committed to proving myself and becoming one of the top sales performers in my organization. I eventually earned 7 promotions in 8 years, became the youngest VP in the company, and managed hundreds of people across 17 locations, leading them to record-breaking sales (without a single layoff during the '08 recession).

I have since been able to take my business full time, retire my husband to stay home with our daughter, and move to our dream home in Florida, start a charitable foundation (The Human Family Foundation) and partner with organizations from SoGal and Black Girls Code to Charity:Water and St. Jude’s.

I've built 5 companies, and my dream life, all while being there for my family... always putting them first.

Listen to what our mentees are saying:

- Amy Steffe Lohmann, Health Coach

- Jessie Ginsburg

- Sharon Heno

- Rachel Erickson

April Porter

Ginny Estrada

Kemi Gabriela Akinbileje

Maria Fontana

Each month you will get access to the new content we are focused on, while also getting access to our backlog of trainings that include:

  • Wealth 101 : Financial literacy, auditing your $, and setting clear financial goals

  • Time Trading for maximum productivity

  • Healing and Manifestation - A science-backed approach

  • Side-hustle creation

  • Becoming a money magnet

  • Recession-proofing your life

  • Improving your health to grow your wealth

...and much more!

That story you’ve been telling yourself, about why it’s not possible for you? It’s time to close the book.



Who exactly is The Inevitable Millionaire for?


ANYONE looking to build wealth and live a happy and fulfilling lifestyle – we welcome professionals of all titles, from all industries, from across the globe. Whether you are a teacher, a nurse, a lawyer, a realtor, or a business owner – if you want to accelerate your career, diversify your wealth, and earn in the millions WITHOUT sacrificing your hobbies, health, relationships or family time – you will benefit from being part of our circle.


Is this a coaching program?


No! Think of The inevitable Millionaire as a multi-dimensional adventure. This mentorship combines strategic direction and mentorship with an exclusive “inside look” feel – we’ll meet with me once per week for a group call where I’m diving into all things wealth, health, relationships, fulfillment, and more – to help you unlock a 1% lifestyle. Calls will consist of a mix of workshops, co-working, networking, tips and tools.


What’s the time commitment?


We’ll meet one hour each week, and when you join there is a 12-month commitment. It will take a year to truly create the habits and mindsets required for success. So if you join, you are joining us for the full year.


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